Fun facts about Lucy Hale!!!

Full Name: Karen Lucille Hale

Stage Name: Lucy Kate Hale

Birth Date: June 14, 1989

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Height: 5′2

Siblings: Older sister, Maggie; Step-brother, Wes

Pets: 2 puppies: Bentley and Marley

Fun Facts & Tidbits:

-Lucy’s stage name takes her mother’s middle name, Kate

-She got her start as part of the pop singing group, American Juniors

-Favorite candy is Swedish Fish

-Favorite bands and musicians include Rascal Flatts, Paramore, Colbie Callait

-One of her bad habits is biting her nails

-Auditioned for the sequel to TwilightNew Moon as the role of Jane

-Close friends with David Henrie, Chelsea Staub, Tiffany Thornton, and other Disney stars

-One of her best friends is Katelyn Tarver, another finalist on American Juniors


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